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Garden pond creation

You want to have a pool, avoid mistakes and trust the expertise of Proviviers.

The choice of location, volume, depth, choice of building materials, filtration, oxygenation, all these technical questions, if they do not meet the needs of your fish or your plants or the constraints of the field, will certainly cause you problems, often expensive and sometimes irremediable. The professionals of Proviviers all have a long experience in these different fields, whether for garden ponds of small volumes to ponds for parks and aquatic museums.

The quality of our work is up to your requirements. We will bring you the most suitable solutions for your situation with the guarantee of your satisfaction.

All our achievements are subject to the ten-year guarantee, so you can consider the future of your pool with serenity!

You have a project ? Ask yourself these questions:

-What location for my pond?

-For who is this basin (fish, plant, natural pool etc.) and why (decoration, fish farming, presentation, storage etc ...)?

-What surface, how deep and what volume, with or without water, what type of water?

-What materials to use for the structure and for waterproofing: concrete, EPDM tarpaulin, felt, resin, fiberglass, gel coat, laminated glass or Methacrylate (PMMA) etc.?

Do I need filtration? What type, what volumetric power? Do I have to put a bottom drain, a skimmer or more, UV purifiers with or without ozone, air conditioning, reverse osmosis, waterfall or drum filter, Japanese carpets?

-What is my budget for construction but also for maintenance and operation?

garden pond with watercourse cascading

There are many ways to make your pond, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is that your pond must meet your needs while remaining as autonomous as possible with minimal maintenance.

Getting into the building yourself is an often risky adventure, even if you learn from your mistakes by self-construction, it turns out that in terms of cost and quality you may have some nice surprises. That is why Proviviers will accompany you and make your pool a real success, so do not hesitate to call us on 05 46 34 29 57 or contact us by clicking on the button below .


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