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Maintenance of fishponds and aquariums

Guide to the maintenance of Proviviers ponds and aquariums.

Taking care of your livewell requires a few simple maintenance gestures with varying frequencies. To ensure the sustainability of your installation, you will find in this guide the essential points to follow for effective management of your pond or aquarium.


Frequencies and gestures of maintenance

Everyday :

  • Check that fish or shellfish are alive and well.
  • Remove any dead or weak animals immediately.
  • Clean traces of salts or other deposits inside the windows, especially at water level. For any cleaning operation, use a soft sponge (no Scotch type sponge).

Every week :

  • Check the condition of the first layers of pre-filters (blue and white) and clean them if necessary (cleaning with fresh water without detergent).
  • Check the water temperature.
  • Add water if necessary, there may be strong evaporation of fresh water (up to 10 liters per week depending on the volume of the pond).
  • For proper operation of the aquarium, the water level in the filter water pump compartment should be 10 cm above the water pump.

Todos los meses :

  • Check the condition of the glass wool under the pre-filters, remove 2 to 3 cm if it is fat on the surface.

Once or twice a year:

  • Change the water and all the filtering materials (pre-filters blue, glass wool, coal).


Change filter

Drain the aquarium and the filter:

  • Siphon the water from the aquarium using a hose while letting the water pump run, when the pump disarms stop it.
  • Mop or vacuum the remaining water in the filter pan.

Remove all filtering materials:

  • Pre filters.
  • Glass wool.
  • Coals

Redo the filter:

  • Lay the bags of charcoal on the bottom of the filter so that they occupy the maximum surface. Be careful not to tear the bags!
  • Spread the glass wool by packing it well and so as not to leave a hole. The thickness of glass wool should be at least 20 cm qaund the filter is full of water.
  • Lay the pre-filter layers on the glass wool.


  • Fill the aquarium by spraying the salts, when the water overflows by the overflow stop filling the aquarium and fill the filter on 2/3 of its height (You can check the height by the sump of the water pump).

Other maintenance:

  • Clean the turbine and filter of the water pump.
  • Draw up the dust accumulated on the condenser of the cooling unit.

Consult the catalog by clicking on the image below:


The water is cloudy:

  • Check the condition of the pre-filters, rinse them if necessary.
  • Check the condition of the glass wool, if it is oily remove the first coat.
  • Remove the water pump, clean the pump filter and clean the water pump.

The water does not come back in the aquarium:

  • Check the condition of the filters as described in the previous chapter.
  • Check the condition of the water pump.

Water has accumulated above the filter media and the sump of the water pump is empty:

  • Check the condition of the filters.

No more air bubbles in the aquarium:

  • Check air pumps and air diffusers.

The water is no longer cooled: :

  • Check the thermostat of the cooling unit and the condition of the filters and the water pump (if the filtration is defective or if the water pump is out of order cooling is no longer done)


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