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Fishpond of oysters

Fish storage and display tanks for oyster farmer
Fish storage and display tanks for oyster farmer

Tank of Oysters
Destination :
Oyster farmers, fishmongers and supermarkets. Storage of oysters either back shop or for sale with maximum freshness of the product.

Our oyster ponds are equipped with everything necessary in terms of equipment to recreate an environment close to or identical to the living environment of the oyster (temperature, quality of water, oxygenation, sanitary).

Equipped with filtration, cooler, water and air pumps, ultraviolet water treatment

About this !
Oysters are molluscs of the bivalve class. They belong to the order Filibranches of the family ostreidae.

There are 3 types: Pycnodonta, Crassostrea and Ostrea. Each gender needs different conditions to develop.

With its expertise, Proviviers will adapt the most appropriate solution as required for the conservation of your oysters.


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