Maker of aquariums and professional seafood tanks

Since 1993, Proviviers designs quality tanks specially designed with intend to professionals in the fishery products sale.

Our tailor-made display seafood tanks are easy to use and maintain. Their storage capacity ranges from 25 to 200 kg. Their simplicity of maintenance and their perfect design meet your requirements. Seafood tanks are manufactured upon request and some options (stainless steel bar, decor, etc.) allow customization.

Moreover, we offer standard tanks, named the Aquacub, combining ergonomic and user-friendliness advantages by incorporating all components in its base. The Aquacub+ allows greater storage capacity with a second basin flowing in cascade in the lower basin, for an attractive presentation of your products. These installations are designed in order to meet your specific use and requirements.

Their main strengths are:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Portable (when empty)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great shellfish storage capacity (35 kg on average)
  • Quality of the electrical fittings

These basins are examples of what we can do, many other shapes and decorations are achievable at your request.
ProViviers realizes and adapts all types of tanks and aquariums according to your environment and the space available.


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