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Fishpond of lobsters

Fish tanks and presentation aquariums with water wall and waterfall-design
Fish tanks and presentation aquariums with water wall and waterfall-design

Fishpond of lobsters
Destination :
To fishmongers, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, sinners, wholesalers, therapists (waiting room)

For the conservation of crustaceans (storage tank, multiple aquarium, separation, large volumes, fish shelf appeal product)

For the presentation of wildlife (decoration for the atmosphere, decoration of shopping arcade with waterfall decorations, wall of water etc ...) Your crustaceans (lobsters, crabs, lobsters) will have a setting close to their natural environment if you want.

Custom manufacturing, equipped with filtration, cooler, water and air pumps, ultra-violet

Viviers personalized according to your desires, you can tailor the model of aquarium or fishpond that suits you! So all Vivier Lobster that you see on are editable in the measures you want!

About this !
Lobster is a solitary crustacean living in the cold seas of the North Atlantic. Hidden under the sand or in crevices of the rocks during the day, he hunts at night to feed himself. Black, blue, or dark green, its two huge claws make it a formidable scavenger. the first clip, thin and very sharp (it is called the "chisel"), serves to cut his food. The second, thicker (it is called the "hammer"), is used to crush and grind the shells.

Lobster farming is difficult without good environmental conditions. He can live up to 40 years. The largest lobster ever weighed 4kg and measured around 1m ... you can imagine the power of its claws!

The lobster looks like lobster. Living in warm seas, unlike lobster, it is recognized by the fact that it has no forceps. On the other hand, it has large antennas for orientation in its environment.
Lobsters have many thorns. They can be beige, orange or red, but there are smaller tropical lobsters, much more colorful, striped black and white, or blue.

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