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Decorative aquarium for restaurant

Realization of decorative wall aquariums for restaurateur
Realization of decorative wall aquariums for restaurateur

Decorative aquarium for restaurant

Destination :
In restaurants, hotel lobby

Made to measure for restaurateurs according to their imagination, we do our best to satisfy the desire of our customers with their constraints

Feature :
Acidity (pH)
The PH, it allows to know if the water of your aquarium is acid, neutral or alkaline. When tested for water parameters, if it is less than 7 your water is acidic, if it is too acidic your fish may not resist and their fins to rot. If the pH is 7, your water is neutral, you are average, but when you buy your fish learn about the pH that suits them. If the pH is greater than 7, your water is basic or alkaline, it is suitable for some fish but not all. Know that if your water is too acidic or too alkaline, there are solutions. Filtering on peat makes it possible to acidify your water, it will be necessary every day to control the parameters of the pH and the KH. If your water is too acidic, you have to change some of the water depending on the acidity, the reverse osmosis water is suitable for these changes. In aquariums the pH value is very important for fish. We must offer them the pH as close as possible to that of their natural environment. For example, Amazonian fish live in acidic water (pH = about 6.5). The fishes of the big African lakes live in a basic water (pH = 8 approximately). Finally, seawater has a pH ideally varying between 8 and 8.5.


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